Surface Design

When I took courses in Surface Design in 2015 and 2016 we used multiple methods of hand painting, dyeing, and printing. Although the visual aspect of this was very exciting for me the technical process was too much to absorb while I was focusing on design and marketing.

Shortly after graduating with my Diploma in Fashion Design I started working at baby bedding company Giggle Six Baby. There I mainly sewed the bedding but I also had the opportunity to design several cohesive sets of patterns to be sewn into baby bedding.

Since then I have been working on my surface design skills and discovering my personal style by designing themed collections and learning new techniques.



Interplanetary is a collection of patterns that will take you to other galaxies.

As a child I had a fantasy of what outerspace was. It included a variety of bright colours, interesting creatures, and a lot of excitement.

Now that I’m an adult it is less exciting and more of an unknown place full of mystery and beauty. Interplanetary is a combination of my childhood fantasies and current wonderings coming together in an odd way to show the beauty as well as the excitement of the galaxy.

In order to create these patterns I begin with creating an overall theme and color scheme. Then I create sketches and transfer them into my computer. After the files are digital it is possible to change any colours, shapes, and textures.

When I’ve decided on a pattern I put the illustrations together like a big puzzle and place them around until they are perfect.

As a way of promoting these patterns, the project includes a 28 page booklet that tells the story of how these patterns were created and shows the patterns in their entirety.

The booklet is 6” x 6” and can be sent to fabric suppliers or textile companies that would potentially buy the patterns to be printed and sold.



This was my first attempt of designing a set of cohesive patterns outside of work and school projects. In may 2019 I was inspired by the approaching sunny season and wanted to create a set with the perfect juxtaposition of hand drawn and digitally drawn elements. Each pattern started with an idea and a sketch which then was digitally rendered in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

All Summer 19’ patterns are available for purchase on my Spoonflower account.



From 2016-2019 I worked at a local handmade baby bedding company in Aldergrove, BC. There I mainly sewed baby bedding and clothing but also was given the opportunity to design a few sets of cohesive patterns to be printed on fabric and loved the results.

When I created these patterns I focused on themes that were trending at the time. Although my illustration style is more modern and minimal the company's demographic is more interested in classic, detailed illustrations. This turned into 4 separate pattern groups, 2 feminine and 2 androgynous; Mermaids, Elephants, Bears, and Fishing. This was a fun challenge for my first set of patterns because it took me out of my comfort zone and let me attempt to design for the real world while I was in design school.